Hippodura provides for fair, durable and horse friendly training based on the biomechanics of horse and rider. Finding balance is central to the training.

I believe that every horse should be given the chance to learn how to balance itself in dressage work and should be trained how to carry a rider. Horses that have not learned to properly carry a rider and are not trained according to the principles of the biomechanics, compensate for the imbalances. This compensation leads to discomfort and injury. Key words in my training are: vertical balance, horizontal balance, lateroflexion, core stability and belly lifting.

I can teach you how to balance your horse and I also rehabilitate horses that are injured or need to learn new movement patterns. I use the system of 4DimensionDressage developed by Dr. Karin Leibbrandt. Karin is also the author of the book: ‘Compassionate training for Today’s Sport Horse’. This book is currently being translated and will be printed during Summer (you can pre-order here).

My website is still work in progress. In case of questions you can contact me either by phone or e-mail (+31 6 12 525 554 or laura@hippodura.com).

I am located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and available for trainings abroad.